Beaches you just have to see if you are near Murter

But where do these places really hide?

Sun, sunny days, rays penetrating through pine trees, white pebbly or sandy beaches, or completely natural rocks touching the purely turquoise sea and the sound of the bomber are the first picture we have in our heads when we say: vacation.

But where do these places really hide? This is the most commonly asked by visitors when they first come to vacation on a new destination. Through their head often comes by the thought - Let we ask someone "local" where is the best beaches, they certainly know better.

Let "locals" suggest You the top 3 beaches on island of Murter, in its place of the same name.

1. Slanica Beach

Although this beach has already been on numerous lists of the best beaches in Croatia and already known to everyone who has visited Murter or is planning to visit it, we can not mention it because it has in some way celebrated the island.

A long, shallow, sandy beach is ideal for families with smaller children, but also for larger children - parents and societies who like to play "picigin". The beach is located only 2 km from the center of Murter and offers all the contents you will need during the day.

Upon arrival by car on the beach, there is parking available for up to 17h, and later it is free of charge. Along the pebble beach there is a wide range of catering establishments - from beach bars, fast food pizzerias to restaurants where you can taste true Dalmatian specialties. Apart from catering establishments, there are also entertaining facilities such as various games, water slides, amusement parks on the water, and the like. For those who like active vacations - there are also sports grounds for volleyball and tennis near the beach. If you do not like the crowd, avoid Slanica beach and read our other two suggestions.

Pssst! Continue walking thru a beautiful promenade by the sea, through a camp that will show you one of the most popular bars in this area - Lostura, and you can reach it to our next beach.

2. Podvrske beach A breath-taking beach from every angle and at any time of the day. Already upon arrival at the beach, when you see an incredibly clear turquoise sea, obtained by splashing the light on the surface of the water beneath which there is white sand, you will want to jump into it even in clothing.

Podvrška Beach is located 2 km from the city center and is connected by a walk through the beach with Slanica beach. It can be reached on foot, by car, bicycle, roller coaster or, more recently, by the more popular form of transportation, the romobile, and if you come by car near the beach, you will be provided with a parking charge.

This beach was a hidden pearl of the local population because until recently only "locals" knows for it. However, when it comes to such a beach, it is almost impossible to hide it so long, so for the last few years this beach has become a favorite tourist choice.

Still, it is not as popular as Slanica, because the sea is deeper, a little colder, and there is only one bar on the beach, and two fast-food houses and snacks like pancakes or fritules will therefore be the ideal choice for those who do not like too much crowds at beach. Most of the beach is exposed to the sun, while the tallest part of the sun is protected by tall pines, so you can find places in the shade throughout the day. If you want to fully experience the Undertakings, we recommend you rent SUPs and spend an active day at the sea.

Shh! Do not attempt to park outside the designated parking lot as the way to the beach is a fire escape and a fine ticket can be expected.

3. Colentum beach The first archaeological beach in Croatia. A combination of tradition, culture, history, archeology and nature. It is located on the peninsula of Gradina, located in the area of the former Roman, ancient settlement whose remains stretch from the shore up to 100 meters to the sea. Because of this, the underwater sea of this beach is rich and numerous remains of the Colentum city, especially the remains of ballast stones and amphora that are to be explored to the full.

This beach, currently the largest in Murter, 250 meters long, will attract other visitors because of their decorations, a green belt that gives natural shade, but also some special features such as a swing, so-called. "Sea swing" made from woods. For those who are fans of adventure and collecting unique memories of vacationing this beach has a great story. Namely, before the season, 100 replicas of popular amphora are throwed in the sea, and all brave and skilled swimmers and divers are invited to explore the underwater and find one of them.

The amphora replica you find remains a souvenir, and if you find a clay coin, you have won a real antique dinner in one of the famous Murter restaurants. If you are not for underwater adventure, the tourist community has prepared a program for you too. Namely, during the season, every Wednesday from 9am - 11h there is a free historical - educational tour with a train accompanied by guides. Small train moves in front of the TZO and leads to Colentum, after which he travels to the Old Village and the local collection of Marko Mudronja Rebac. As part of a free tour you can find out and feel part of the history of the villa itself