5 Great reasons to Pick an Island of Murter for your next destination

You will enjoy a beautiful island that is rich with historical stories and sights

  1. Its accessibility

The island of Murter is an island in summer twice a day during the opening of the bridge. The bridge opens only half an hour twice a day, at 9am and 5pm, so that boats and sailboats can go unharmed. This ensures all tourists a very fast and easy trip to the destination. There is no ferry, no long waiting, there is no danger of closing the bridge because of a strong wind. Simply sit in the car, plan your arrival before or after the bridge is opened and you have reached the destination ?

  1. Excellent climate

The air temperature falls from an average of 8 ° C in February to an average of 25 ° C in July and August. Even 270 days a year is warmer than 10 ° C. Cold weather (temperature range 0 ° C) in the year averages 4.2. Hot days (maximum air temperature of at least 25 ° C) last 90 days a year The cloudiness is small. August averages 2 cloudy days and even 22 lightning (throughout the year of bright days it is twice as high as the cloudy, 151: 74. Through the summer the most common wind is maestral. Our old ones tell us that from the Kornati we can always see whether the rain will come and prepare for it. On the island of Murter if the wind is strong on one side of the bay, on the other you will surely find shelter.

  1. Phenomenal food

The island of Murter is excellent with excellent food and excellent chefs. Its cuisine blends with Mediterranean features. The food are prepared with homemade spices and olive oil, the tase of which will left you speecheles. In addition to fish and meat dishes, you will also find home-made pizza with the option of seafood for those who love it. For more details https://visitmurter.com/explore/food-drinks

  1. Beautiful Beaches

On the island of Murter you can find sandy, pebble, rocky beaches. With big stones and smaller ones. The rocky. With views on the Kornati or small islands you can swim or come near by using one of the aids such as Stand Up Paddle, Kayak or Small Boat. On the island of Murter you can find one of the most famous beaches on our coast, Slanica beach. Sandy beach, suitable for children and our famous game „picigin“. For more information please look on the link below https://visitmurter.com/explore/beaches

  1. Island Murter is close to our beautiful National Parks

If you are on the island of Murter, you will certainly be interested in the vicinity of several national parks. There are the Kornati National Park, the National Park Krka, Plitvice, as well as our beautiful nature parks. Vransko Lake Nature Park, Velebit Nature Park. More details can be found on the link below https://visitmurter.com/explore/parks-of-croatia

Not only will you enjoy a beautiful island that is rich with historical stories and sights, but also offers you the chance to visit our most beautiful natural values.