The Makers of the Idea VisitMurter are young business people with the aim of presenting their hometown and improving the tourist offer of the island.

Questions like: where are the best beaches, how to get local food, is there a beach for dogs, where to take family for dinner, where rent a boat, a scooter, a bicycle or where is a beauty salon, can be a problem for tourists they do not know the answer. We, on the other hand, have seen the opportunity, but also the kind of responsibility to provide them with answers, help in their challenges and provide the best service they will remember long after returning to their daily lives.

The initiators and founders of the portal

Knowing all the benefits of the native land and getting acquainted with all the beauties, value and offer, the VisitMurter portal launchers had only one goal - to present their island to tourists all over the world.

Continuously following the development of the tourism sector as well as the parallel development and availability of technology, they launched the portal imagining it as a central online place to provide all the information that tourists needed, and sometimes even decisive when choosing their next holiday place.

The advantages of the VisitMurter portal are the continuous work of the entire team of experts on the development of new, innovative and creative solutions in the presentation of the island's tourist offer. The mission of the portal is to provide tourists the same as those who are just looking for a place for their next vacation, as well as those who have already made their decision or have already arrived at the island, to get answers to all of their questions in a couple of simple clicks on the portal.

We want to give the guests the best vacation, in every meaning of the word. This means that they want to save time and money and provide them with insight into the overall offer in order to organize their stay on the island of Murter as easily as possible, and they would gladly recommend us further and return in the next years.

Together we can do more!

In order for VisitMurter to truly achieve its goal, it is necessary to cooperate with almost all local entrepreneurs, from renters, caterers, service providers, manufacturers and sellers to provide an exceptional opportunity to present their offer to tourists. Therefore, we invite all those interested in co-operation to contact us and make a key step in achieving even more successful, upcoming seasons.