Murter is the largest settlement on the island of the same name, located on the northwest side of the Murter-Kornati municipality

Murter is the largest settlement on the island of the same name, located on the northwest side of the Murter-Kornati municipality. There are 10 nautical miles away from one of the most beautiful national parks in Croatia, Kornati islands. The Murter settlement has more than 2000 inhabitants, while Kornati has 27 inhabitants. The locals of Murter are the owners of almost all Kornati islands and neighboring islands.

In the place, on the hill of Gradina, there are remains of Roman buildings, the ancient Colentum settlement. Murter was first mentioned in 1251 as Villa Magna (Veliko Selo). Later, the settlement was named Srimač, and since 1715 it has its present name. It stretches to one side to the bay of Hramina, which because of its position is protected from winds, so a marina was built there. On the other side, the village stretches to the bay of Slanica where one of the most famous beaches of Šibenik is located.

The village is surrounded by three hills - Raduč (125m), Sv. Roko (70m) and Gradina (62m). By the end of the 1960s, three muratorial settlements were visible - Old Village on Mount Sv. Roko, a new settlement along the harbor in the bay of Hramina and a tourist village in the Slanica bay, which are today connected to one another.

Considering that Murter was a difficult place, there are not many representative buildings, but it is worth visiting the 17th century Lady of the Grain, the Chapel of St. Rocca in the Old Village from 1760 and the church of St. Mihovila erected in 1770.

However, Murter has, apart from the already mentioned Slank, perhaps the other two most beautiful beaches on the island - Čigrađa and Podvrška. We recommend to all visitors of the Murter or the island, from Murter, to the national park Kornati, which is the largest, most intrusive and most attractive island group consisting of 89 islands, islets and cliffs.

Murter offers smaller hotels, two car camps, two smaller marinas and a wealth of private apartments and rooms.


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