Welcome to town Murter

The settlement of Murter was first mentioned in 1273 under the name Veliko Selo ( or Big Village). Today, Murter is a town of about 2000 inhabitants and a popular tourist destination for pleasant holidays. The town is surrounded with several hills, the highest of which is Raduč (128m) , also the highest peak on the island. The top of St.Roch, or Vršine (70m) , is location of the church St.Roch, and Gradina (62m) is the site of the ancient Roman settlement of Colentum.

Althought very much a rural village, throughtout its history Murter has established and maintaned the highest standards of culture, especially fol and spiritual traditions. Authentic stone-vaulted streets, simple dwellings, stone walls covered with ivy, combined with modest but innovative ingenuity have all served to preserve the story of Murter from vanishing into the history books.

Numerous entertaining and traditional cultural events will make you stay in Murter even more enjoyable. The history, culture, natural beauty and breathtaking landscape will leave You with so many happy memories that will make You want to come back. The region with its clear waters, ancient olive groves, unique climate of the secluded Kornati islands and hidden coves nestled among dense pine forests, welcomes its visitors with a special beauty

Text written: Martina Markov Podvinski