Betina is a Murter site on the northeastern coast of Murter, 7 km away from Tisno and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic

Betina is a Murter site on the northeastern coast of Murter, 7 km away from Tisno and is considered one of the most beautiful places in the Adriatic. Naturally it spread from the top of the hill, which houses the church of Sv. Francis of Assisi, to the very sea that dominates the place. From the church, which is reminiscent of the beautiful baroque belfry, the sloping streets of the old stone streets descend. Some of the bays in Betina are still paved with dense, stone boulders extracted from the sea. It was a custom of paving the streets of Betina in the 17th and 18th centuries, and to preserve its original appearance and to preserve the history and tradition of Betina, it is protected as a cultural monument. About 800 people live in Betina.

The name originates from the Celtic word "bet" which means "mouth" and describes the look of the port of call, which is naturally formed, and looks like a mouth and protects ships from the wind. In addition, Betina has been known as "the mouth of the Šibenik region" through history because of the fertile betina "Poja", rich in olive, figs and vegetables that fed the whole region.

Betina is one of the last shelter of wooden shipbuilding in Europe, and is known as the Betina gajeta from 1740, a solid gravity boat with a Latin sail that residents drove to distant lands on Kornati, Modrava, Prosika and Vrana Lake. In honor of the Betina gajete, each year in Betina is held the Regatta for the soul and the field. In addition to wooden shipbuilding, Betinjani was known as shellfish, which, with the help of "swarming" (seafood shells), had been thrown away by many generations. Except for eating, they used them for the color of the clothes suit, and added them to the construction material. Today, when bivalve molluscs are forbidden, in honor of these times each year, on the first Sunday of August in Betina, the Day of Bridging, party with entertainment program is held.

Betina is surrounded by many betine beaches that feature the clear sea and good infrastructure adapted to swimmers. For those who are interested in active holidays, there are diving, sailing schools, and we suggest hiking on the surrounding hills that will give you a wonderful view of the places and surrounding islands.

Apart from private accommodation, you can also find yourself in auto camps located in the most attractive locations just by the sea, and for those arriving by boat there is a marina with 250 berths.


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