4 coffee bars you must visit during your stay in Murter

When you arrive at a new town, you are looking fo places where you can have your first morning coffee, an afternoon refreshing drink or an evening cocktail.

When you arrive at a new town, you are looking for places where you can have your first morning coffee, an afternoon refreshing drink or an evening cocktail. When selecting, you must watch where the local population is going because it is often an indication that it is a quality service.

In order not to lose time on several days of observation , we bring you the recommendations of 4 coffee bars in Murter.

Porto Captain's Club

Caffe bar Porto Captain's Club is an ideal place to start your day. Located in a renovated stone house on the main Murter Square with a beautiful terrace with its offer, it will satisfy all your morning needs.

Here you can have an excellent, scented coffee, refresh yourself with freshly squeezed fruit juice, but also eat breakfast. Pssss! Whether you are a fan of ice cream, try their famous, excellent, homemade ice cream in Porto Captain`s Club.

Kresimir coffee bar

Not far from the Post Office, there is Caffe bar Krešimir, a favorite place for the local population. With his position, it always offers the possibility of choosing table in the alley or even in front of the post office where you always meet the residents of Murter. For a sunny days, there is a always some place in the shade so You can enjoy on the summer breeze.

Here you may find the best way to experience Murter's start of the day, as they usually start their day in Krešimir not only to have their first coffee, but to meet, quite spontaneously with their neighbors.

In addition to coffee, you can have fun in Krešimir all day lon and evening as they also offer great cocktails with good music and friendly staff. The owner will surely be right next to you and welcome you with positive energy.

Beach bar Lostura

Lostura is one of the favorite beach bar located near the most popular beach of Murter - Slanica. From our humble point of view, we can say that this is definitely the place to win you for the first time.

In addition to the excellent location from which you can look at the bay of Slanica and Kornati islands, it is located in the natural shade of beautiful, fragrant pine trees.

In addition to the position you will be amuzed by the music that visitors to this beach bar stand out as a special advantage compared to other, nearby cafes. As far as the beach is concerned, this beach bar is also a good choice for morning coffee, a refreshing break in sunbathing and swimming, as well as having a night out in two or bigger companies.

Corretto bar

Sugar at the end, Caffe bar Corretto, a new coffee bar is also located in the very center of Murter town. Situated next to the main street, with a view of the main square, will allow you to observe the everyday life of citizen of Murter from the terrace while drinking your drinks at any time of the day.

This bar will equally welcome you both with the first as well as with the last ray of sunshine, and when the night falls here all the young people gather and entertain the eager population. So, if you want to see what our nightlife looks like, we'll see you in Corretto.