How to find an ideal accommodation on the island?

The long summer is coming, and you still didnt reserved your ideal accommodation.

The long summer is coming, and you still didnt reserved your ideal accommodation. You want peace and quiet place, close to the sea, secluded or in the very center of town. Here are some tips that will greatly assist you with your choice.

On the island of Murter there are several ways to find the ideal accommodation. Contacting tourist agencies sometimes makes the best choice.

They will find the best solution for you on your inquiry. Are you looking for a one or two bedroom apartment, with or without terrace? New building, old stone house, villa with pool or your ideal house close to the sea! Tourist agencies at their base have something for everyone. Of course, finding an ideal accommodation will probably cost you a little bit more because the agencies have their own commission.

If you want direct contact with the owner it is best to go directly to the link and find the best accommodation for yourself, your oasis of peace or noise. All in one place, no additional commission, with direct contact with the owner.

When finding a hotel, it is important to find a few things if you do not want to have extra surprises.

• Is the residence tax included in the price

• Do they charge for extra bed (if the baby is larger)

• Do they charge extra for air consitioning, pet (if you have it)

• Is there a wash machine in the housing unit and whether it is paid extra

Before choosing accommodation, be prepared to study the beaches on the island of Murter, those close to you.

Prepare yourself for a crowd if you choose to stay close to the famous beaches, or find a quieter, retired beach or small bay if you want more peace.

To end, we want you a long and warm summer!