Pirovac is situated in a deep bay which is a natural phonomenon

Pirovac is situated in a deep bay which is a natural phonomenon, 12 km cut into the mainland and the mediterranean ambience in which the authentic perfume of the vegetation mixes with the sea, making this region a climatical paradise for visitors and for those recovering from illnesses, for those who are in search of a new energy in a clear environment which strenghtens the human well being. The south part of the bay „Makirina“ is a natural swimming area with healing peloid. By its content, quality and quantity, this site of the curative mud goes beyond all known sites in Croatia.

Pirovac is adorned by numerous natural beaches, sandy bays and in the game of the shadow and light the visitors can experience different views over the scenery in different parts of the day. Special attraction is an islet Sustipanac, known as Mojster or „The island of love“, situated just opposite Pirovac where visitors can relax and enjoy in swimming and sunbathing and those breavest ones can jump into the sea from high cliffs.