Brick Kiln - archaeological site in Vodice

This is the first discovery of a Roman kiln in Dalmatia

In the beginning of 2008 thanks to a notice of Mr. Vladimir Roca to the employees of the City Museum of Šibenik about “some strange bricks” that appeared while ­digging holes for young olives in his field, it came to a sensational discovery. At the foot of the old Rakitnica town, at Three wells site, the remains of the Roman brick kiln were found which served for the production of the parts of the roof structure – baked-clay tiles and channel tiles.

This is the first discovery of a Roman kiln in Dalmatia, although a friar Lujo Marun and Karl Patsch, in the transition from the 19th into the 20th century, wrote about the kilns near the village Smrdelji, but later they have never been fund again, and a ravine itself through which a stream flew and the surrounding area with a place for kiln is now overgrown with dense plants and it is almost impassable. Therefore the Rakitnica discovery has a special meaning, and by its preserved condition it is a curiosity in the Mediterranean.