Rudina square in Murter

Main central square of Murter

The main squares have always been a gathering place. They come to the villagers who go there to drink their coffee or to see the events in the city, knowing that they will always meet someone they know and share a few sentences with him. Also, tourists, wherever they travel, one of the city's main listed sights is surely the city square.

Because they know he breathes in the rhythm of the city's life. Rudina Square is just such a square, a center of events and meetings. The newly refurbished city square after more than 60 years has received a new, modern and cultivated look, exactly what the city of Murter deserves. On the one hand, it confines the sea, while the rest of it is bordered by the traditional stone burglars house in whose ground floors are located the popular Burmese cafes and restaurants.

Every visitor of Murter, as well as his locals, should start by drinking coffee in one of these cafes in the mild morning sunshine and watching Murter live. Similarly, Rudina Square is the site of major city events, including various evening activities, such as concerts, open-air theater, various dance groups and the like.