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Tourist board office from Tisno

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Tourist tax registration

Our tourist guests will be registered at the tourist office by the service providers (hotels, auto-camps, marinas, private apartments). In order to make you comfortable and safe, we ask you to check your register from arrival day to the day you leave our town. If your accommodation address is not listed or you own a facility in which you sojourn, you are obligated to register at the local tourist office within 48 hrs from your arrival. Sailing

Prior to entering or leaving the Republic of Croatia, a verified list of crewmembers and passengers must be submitted to the border crossing authority. Powerboat driving is allowed at the distance of 300 m from the coast, except in locations where it is strictly forbidden. Do not sail 200 m or less near coast with boats, row boats, kayaks, paddle boats etc and do not get near the shore in less than 50 m if sailing on powerboats or yachts. Yachts and boats must sail at a distance larger than 50 meters from the fence of the regulated beach and 150 meters from the coast of the natural beach. For more information, please visit port of Tisno authority. Divers

For diving and underwater activities we recommend that you contact authorised diving centres. We also recommend that you dive with an instructor or in pairs for your own safety. Camping

Camping is allowed only at legal camping sites. Unsupervised camping is strictly forbidden! Do not camp near the roads, parking spots or in the woods. It is forbidden to set fire at open spaces and near forests. If you smoke or light a match make sure that you extinguished them properly.