Tavern Skalinada

Tavern Skalinada is a family restaurant with a tradition of 30 years, run by the Troskot family. We are located near the beach Slanica.

In our offer you can find a great selection of fish and meat specialties prepared in traditional and Dalmatian ways and all with olive oil from your own production.

Of course, with delicious meals, it is best to freshen up with a glass of wine that the Troskot family produces for many years from its own vineyards in the hinterland of Vransko Lake. There is a wide selection of fresh fish and other seafood, as well as meat delicacies, on a daily basis in the restaurant. Most of the vegetables are also from their own breeding, which, with fresh fish and meat, with its own olive oil and homemade wine, makes a complete Dalmatian story. We also offer accommodation services in our rooms and apartments located above the restaurant, and services of bed and breakfast, half board and full board.

We are located near the beach Slanica. We also offer accommodation services within the facility