Caffe & cocktail bar Leopold

In the very center of Murter you will find a cafe bar leopold where you will certainly be drinking a morning coffee.

Located in the very center of Murter, the cafe & cocktail bar Leopold, the place is where you can enjoy good coffee and fresh toast throughout the morning, and if you are for a chill variety, there is a variety of croissants and cakes available.

In the evening, this bar turns into a perfect place to relax and enjoy a glass of wine, beer, classic or signature cocktails. This family cafe holds a tradition of 30 years. During that period it experienced several significant changes, but he remained known for the pleasant atmosphere and above all the good coffee that every morning is prepared for you by an experienced bartender, at the same time a coffee shop owner.

As part of the Murter Music Street event, you can have fun once a week listening to live music. The cafe has two outside terrace where you can enjoy the sun or get away from the wind, and the good news is that it works throughout the year.