Beach bar Lostura

In the vicinity of one of the most popular beaches in Murter, Slanica, lies the beach bar Lostura

In the vicinity of one of the most popular beaches in Murter, Slanica, lies the beach bar Lostura, just above the sea. Encircled by pine trees and along the promenade through the camp at this beach bar, you can enjoy the first morning coffee and breakfast, afternoon refreshments and evening cocktails and live music.

Apart from the ideal position above the sea, the beach bar Lostura will enchant you with a beautiful view of the turquoise Adriatic and the bay Slanica. While swimming in the open sea, you can observe numerous sailing yachts and yachts that travel to the Kornati or travel around the island of Murter looking for an ideal bay for anchoring.

It is not just the closeness that must be the advantage of Lostura beach bar. There is, of course, a natural pine forest that borders on its own, and, besides umbrellas, it gives the natural shade and the necessary freshness. As Lostura is bordered by beautiful nature, its decoration is in accordance with this, wood and stone were used during decoration.

Experiences say that Lostura is an ideal place to start the day. In the morning, while most have not yet arrived at the beach, it will give you the peace and relaxation needed by the noise of the waves, with a beautiful view of sun-washed sea, light music and excellent coffee. If you have not had breakfast before, then this is an ideal place to eat your first morning meal and get energized for the rest of the day.

During the day, when you want to make a break from the heated beach and water activities, the beach bar Lostura offers you a range of refreshments, among which you can choose the best for yourself.

However, it is not just the ideal day for a visit to the beach bar Lostura. This beach bar will equally enchant you in the evening, when you can sunbathe in a romantic and pleasant atmosphere to enjoy a variety of cocktails and live shows.