Cultural heritage is preserved in national traditions, sacral objects and archaeological remains and etno manifestations. National traditions are mainly connected to religious events.

The specialty of the place are numerous active schools or fraternities and sororities. Each one has its flag which is carried in processions on the day of the saint or patron of a certain fraternity. The fraternity by school is transferred from father to son or from grandfather to grandson and sororities from mother-in-law to daughter-in-law. They were created from the need of mutual aid and in the tradition of brothership and reciprocity.

Male fraternities are: School St. Roka, School St. Ivana, School St. Juština and School of souls in purgatory, and the female are: School of Mary's Heart, School of Jesus's Heart, School of Lady of Ružarija and School of St. Lucija.

Each place has its religious festival which has been carried out for many years. This is a chance to guest and entertain family, friends and every guest that day.

In Pakoštane – the festival of the Ascension of the Lord, or Crosses or Ascension, is marked 40 days after Easter. In Drage is the festival of St. Ante, and is on June 13. In Vrana is the festival of St. Nediljica and is on the first Sunday in July and the festival of St. Mihovil whiic is on September 29. In Vrgada is the festival of the Holy Trinity and is carried out depending on Easter.