Trip to National park Kornati with boat "Račić"

Boat Račić - former fisherman's boat redesigned for tours, ideal for 60-80 people groups..

Excursion Description Departure: 09.00, Murter, main port

Return: 18:00

Day: every day between 20th May and 30th September

Capacity: 70 persons

ROUTE: After departing the main port in Murter, the boat passes the small islands near Murter and goes to the National Park Kornati just across the Murter Sea. The entrance to the National Park at the entrance of the abbot at about 10 o'clock. After entering the park, the boat goes to the outer rim of the Kornati in the detour of the high cliffs also known as the "Crown of Kornats," that the old to the open sea. One of the most interesting cliffs is on the island of Lavsa with a cliff that looks like a dog's head. The other one is on the island of Great Rašip with resemblance of a human profile.

Great Rašip is the island on Which the boat stops to make the first brake for one hour. Here they can enjoy swimming and sightseeing. It takes only a couple of minutes walking to the highest belvedere. From here the most beautiful panoramic view stretches across the whole National Park. During one hour break, only the crab boat will be on the island. After the break the boat steers through the middle part of the park and docks on the island of Kornat in the Bay Submarine springs.

Vrulje is the place of our second break between 12:30 and 14:00. The break is reserved for lunch in a nearby restaurant. After lunch there is plenty of time for swimming and sightseeing as well as exploring the biggest settlement in the National Park. The excursion continues by sailing along the largest island of Kornat where you can see the fortress Tureta, built in the 6th century, as well as a small St. Mary's Church, also dating from the Middle Ages.

The boat exits the National Park through the channel of Proversa.Tourist and sets towards Murter. One hour away from Murter, the boat makes a stop near a small island of Bikarijica, for a 20 minute break for swimming.

The boat returns in Murter main port at 18:00.