Pizza cut Tamara

Pizza cut Tamara

In the Pizza cut Tamara, we pay special attention to the quality of the ingredients.

We are located in a narrow alley, in the pedestrian zone just to the center of Murter.

If you get hungry for the scent that reaches you, stop by Pizza cut Tamara and make sure to check the quality of our pizza. A couple of houses away, there is the Cocktail & wine bar Sirena, and as soon as you leave the club, go to the left, walk for 20 steps and here we are ;) Trust us with your palate and choose a slice of pizza from a large selection

Pizza cut Tamara
Luke 7, Murter 22243
Contact info
Work hours
18:00 - 00:00 ( from 1.6. -1.10 )
GPS coordinates
lat. 43.821947
lng. 15.591140

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