Travel documents

Your trip to Croatia doesn’t mean visa headaches either. In most cases, the only form of ID required is a valid passport. And if you’re an EU or US citizen, you can also use your national ID card.

Croatian customs regulations are almost entirely in harmony with EU standards.

Information on travel documents

For more information, please reach any of our diplomatic missions and consular offices abroad or visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of the Republic of Croatia.

Information on customs regulations

Customs regulations in the Republic of Croatia are almost entirely harmonised with EU regulations and standards, however the value of non-commercial items that are brought into the country for personal use and exempt from tax duty or PDV (VAT) is limited to 1,000 HRK (kuna). Foreign and local currency and cheques may be freely brought in and out of the country by both foreign and Croatian citizens with foreign residences, however transfers of 10,000 euros or more must be declared to a customs official. Valuable professional equipment and other technical devices must also be declared to a customs official when crossing the border. VAT is refunded to anyone without a permanent or temporary residence in Croatia on individual goods purchased in the country for amounts in excess of 740.00 HRK (Kuna), upon the presentation of a Tax Free Form verified by a customs official during the export of the purchased goods, up to three months from the day of purchase. Foreign nationals must claim tax refunds within six months of the issue of the receipt. For additional information, please contact the Croatian Customs Administration: